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WildFly 17 is now available

WildFly is a powerful, modular, & lightweight application server that helps you build amazing applications.


Configuration in WildFly is centralized, simple and user-focused. The configuration file is organized by subsystems that you can easily comprehend and no internal server wiring is exposed. All management capabilities are exposed in a unified manner across many forms of access. These include a CLI, a web based administration console, a native Java API, an HTTP/JSON based REST API, and a JMX gateway. These options allow for custom automation using the tools and languages that best fit your needs.


WildFly does classloading right. It uses JBoss Modules to provide true application isolation, hiding server implementation classes from the application and only linking with JARs your application needs. Visibility rules have sensible defaults, yet can be customized. The dependency resolution algorithm means that classloading performance is not affected by the number of versions of libraries you have installed.


WildFly takes an aggressive approach to memory management. The base runtime services were developed to minimize heap allocation by using common cached indexed metadata over duplicate full parses, which reduces heap and object churn. The administration console is 100% stateless and purely client driven. It starts instantly and requires zero memory on the server. These optimizations combined enable WildFly to run with stock JVM settings and also on small devices while leaving more headroom for application data and supports higher scalability.

WildFly 16 is released!

WildFly 16 Final is now available for download! Provisioning WildFly with Galleon As we continue with our quarterly delivery model, a major focus over the next few quarters will be on making WildFly as easy and productive as possible to use on the cloud, particularly on Kubernetes and OpenShift. An important requirement for the cloud is to be able to reduce the footprint of your server to what you need to run your application, eliminating...

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New WildFly Project Lead

I am very excited to announce that Brian Stansberry (@bestansberry) will be taking on the role of WildFly project lead. Brian has been a major contributor to the project for almost 15 years now. During this time, he led a number of critical and complex subsystems including Clustering, Management, and most recently the cross-cutting cloud integration work. He is also one of our most active reviewers, and has helped many contributors navigate deep WildFly internals....

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WildFly 15 is released!

WildFly 15 Final is now available for download! This is our fourth release following our quarterly delivery model. The major objective of this year’s release plan was to deliver EE8 functionality in incremental chunks over the first three quarters, and then to ensure WildFly ran well on the latest long term support version of Java. Accordingly, in this fourth release our focus was less on new features and more on polishing our support for JDK...

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Using Git for configuration history

Until now the history of configuration in WildFly was using the folder + filename pattern. Now we have moved to a proper SCM integrating Git to manage history. You can now take advantage of a full Git support for your configuration history: every change in your configuration is now a commit. you can use branches to develop in parallel. you can create tags for stable points in your configuration. pull configuration from a remote repository....

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WildFly 14 is released!

I am happy to announce that the WildFly 14 release is Java EE8 Certified! Since WildFly is now certified, the default EE7 mode and EE8 preview option have been dropped.

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Whats New In Hal

What’s New in WildFly Management Console hpehl 2018-06-01 WildFly 13 comes with a management console (HAL) which has been rewritten from scratch. HAL still uses a similar technical stack (GWT) and user experience, but now fully adopts PatternFly. More important we enhanced the existing features and added support for many new subsystems and attributes. The following sections show some highlights of the latest version. For more details about the new features see the release notes...

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Wildfly13 Final Released

WildFly 13 "Baker’s Dozen" is released! jgreene 2018-05-30 WildFly 13 Final is now available for download! EE8 Capabilities & New Release Model This is our second release following our new quarterly delivery model. A central theme of this plan, is to deliver EE8 functionality in fully completed incremental chunks, as opposed to waiting for everything to finish in a big bang relase. WildFly 13 largely accomplishes this goal, by achieving EE8 feature completeness. WildFly 14...

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WildFly 12 Final is now available!

WildFly 12 Final is now available! jgreene 2018-02-28 WildFly 12 Final is now available for download! EE8 Capabilities & New Release Model This is our first release following our new quarterly delivery model. As part of this plan, we are delivering EE8 functionality in fully completed incremental chunks, as opposed to waiting for everything to finish in a big bang reelase. WildFly 12 makes significant progress on this front, adding support for the majority of...

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